Equestrian Trend

Equestrian Trend is a blog where we can find the latest equestrian fashion news as well has lots of suggestions our four-legged friends.

The blog is written by Carolina Silva, Portuguese, born in 1997, with an incredible passion for horses.

Here a message from Carolina:

Hey everyone!

After six years of blogging, it’s time to make one of my dreams come true! Ever since I created Equestrian Trend, I had the desire of making this a reality but I’ve kept this idea locked in a drawer until now. However, from the moment I heard about Khasper for the first time, I immediately started thinking that I had the most amazing opportunity right in front of me…after all, Khasper’s founder is not only one of my best “barn friends” but also someone I trust a lot when it comes to bringing my ideas out of the paper – we both love girly things!


Therefore, it is now time to share the first ever Equestrian Trend polo shirt with you! You know that I love blue, cute patterns, original details and (obviously) a nice shape, right?! So I couldn’t be prouder and I’m totally drooling over this polo shirt! What do you think?

I hope you love it as much as I do! I can’t wait to see you wearing it and to know your opinion!

See you soon,





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