About Us

About Us

Khasper was born out of the need for the most creative and original riders to be able to find different and tailored products. We are specialists in embroidery and personalization of equestrian products.

Here, riders can turn their material into unique pieces and can find items completely customized to their needs. Just have imagination!

Our History

Ana Dinis is the one in charge of this project, a portuguese amazonian who has obtained a degree in communication sciences and studied from FLUP, University of Porto, Portugal. Passionate about horses since an early age, she was able to make her dream come true when she met Casper in 2011, a five years old foal with a tenderness never seen. Casper is a Holseteiner gelding from the Netherlands and he was brought to Portugal when he was 3 years old. However, he’s not an ordinary horse, he has a twin. Normally, when this happens, the breeders, for the mother’s safety, choose to end the pregnancy but for some reason his breeder decided to proceed with the pregnancy until the end. Unfortunately, Casper’s twin sister and his mother C’est la Vie passed away while giving birth. He was raised with humans, what made him extremely sociable and sweet. As he shared his mother’s womb with his twin sister, Casper did not grow as much as expected of a horse of his breed.

But that didn’t stop him and he proved to everyone who underestimated him that size is just a number and when there’s will, there’s a way.

Khasper emerged as the embodiment of that, the will and perseverance.

In September 2018, Ana broke her leg during an obstacle course workout. The prognosis was not good, she had an open tibia-fibula fracture, which resulted in the placement of an iron support between the knee and ankle joints.

The following weeks were critical, there was a risk of infection and Ana was on the verge of losing her foot.
In June 2019, Casper underwent surgery to remove a splint that resulted from a trauma in the hock. The surgery had many complications and Casper was forced to take a break to heal properly in a paddock.
The fear of being removed from the tracks and the uncertainty of the future of her faithful horse Casper led her to, not only create something that celebrates the purest relationship that can exist between the horse and its rider, but also keep her forever connected to the world of riding.

Casper and Ana are still fighting to return to the tracks but the future looks promising.