About Us

About Us

Khasper was born to culminate the needs of the most creative and original riders that, until our brand’s creation, couldn’t find different and tailor-made products created with riders’ needs in mind. As equestrians, we specialize in embroideries and custom equestrian gear.

On our website, horse riders can transform their gear into unique pieces and find products that can be fully customized to their needs. You just need imagination!

Our Story

This project is led by Ana Dinis, a Portuguese rider who’s graduated in Communication Sciences Ciências da Comunicação at FLUP, University of Porto.

Passionate about horses since she was a little girl, Ana managed to make her biggest dream come true when she met Casper in 2011, a 5-year-old with a tenderness that she had never seen before. Casper is a Holsteiner gelding from The Netherlands and he was brought to Portugal when he was just 3 years old. However, he is not an ordinary horse, Casper is a twin. Usually, when this happens, breeders, for the safety of the mother, decide to terminate the pregnancy but for some reason, Casper’s breeder decided to take the pregnancy to completion. Unfortunately, his twin sister and his mom, C’est la Vie, didn’t make it. Casper was raised with humans, which made him extremely sweet and sociable. Because he shared the uterus with his sister, Casper did not grow as much as it would be expected for a horse of his breed but that never stopped him doing from anything. He proved everyone who despised him that height is just a number and that his will is stronger than any obstacle.

Khasper emerged as a tribute to Casper, to will and persistence. 2018/2019 was a tough year: in September of 2018, Ana broke a leg during a jump school. The prognostic wasn’t good as she had an open fracture of the tibia and fibula that resulted in the placement of a titanium bar between the knee and the ankle joint. The following weeks were hopeless because there was a risk of infection and Ana could lose her foot. Then in June 2019, Casper had surgery to remove a bone callus that resulted from a gaskin trauma. The surgery had many complications and Casper was forced to take a step down to heal properly in a paddock. The fear of not making it back to the sport and the uncertainty of the future of her beloved horse led Ana into creating something that would honor the purest relationship between horse and rider and, at the same time, keep Ana forever connected to the equestrian world.

Casper and Ana still fighting to get back to the show ring but the path looks promising!


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